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The Most Dangerous Sheriff in America!

Written by: Eric C  —  Published on February 27, 2018

Everything seems to be going back to normal in America again, and then you hear about another one. You immediately think how can this happen in this country yet again. Like clockwork information starts coming from all sides, and you don’t know what to believe because the media on all sides just want to throw everything at the story to see what sticks. Also, if you’re a free-thinking individual the red flags are already going up, but if you’re a smart you want to wait until the dust settles. A few days pass and the clarity begin to be seen, and we get yet another glimpse of incompetence in the very least. Of course, like each time the arguments for “Gun Control” have been going on since the tragedy happened, but now is much more intense than the last. The shocking thing this time is how the kids are being used to push an agenda, and frankly it’s sickening. The worst part is that we see first-hand how social media has been weaponized in brainwashing the next generation that will be voting within the next 3-5 years.

Then as we see two televised events on the same day one in the White House, and another in Florida hosted by CNN, and equally with different outcomes and overall themes. You see one where there’s a free exchange of ideas without anyone being shouted down, and what appears for the first time that from of these tragedies finally the powers that be take serious the need to protect our children. Gun control wasn’t the main theme; however, the main theme is security in our schools. This topic alone is for another article. Then, there’s the “town hall” which was anything but a town hall. The entire event seemed to be carefully crafted with one theme “Gun control by destroying the NRA”. The worst part about this was to see how a Sheriff went on a verbal attack of a citizen because she dares to be a spokeswoman for the NRA. His view is openly seen as he is after only one thing… Gun Control. Even more is how it is apparent that this Sheriff is only covering his own failures of his department and dereliction of duties for his own post as Sheriff.

At first, we hear that the FBI was tipped off about this monster becoming a school shooter, and nothing was done. Then, we hear that the Sheriff’s office was called up to 39 times about this monster, and again nothing was done. The Sheriff on this same so-called “town hall” denounced the calls while his department flat out lies to us by stating “we were not called 39 times, and stop saying we were, it was only 22 times”. Like this is any better because his department failed to their job to protect 17 souls who died at the hands of this monster. Now, we find out that it wasn’t 22 times, it wasn’t 39 times, but at least 45 times the Sheriff’s department was called since 2008 about this monster and his brother for domestic disturbances and more.

I wish I could leave it right here, and say this was the only issue of duty dereliction… I can’t!!! The day after the again so-called “town hall” from CNN that one of his deputies where on video not doing his job, and go into the school to engage the killer. Instead he stayed outside in fear of his own life. Are you serious this alone is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard, and now begins to give credence to theories of a “false flag” event (remember there are 2 types of these). The worst part is do you really think this incompetent Sheriff didn’t know about this video when he was at the “town hall”? If you do believe this, I have some ocean front property in Kansas to sell you. Again, I wish we could end this article here, but I can’t because the incompetence isn’t over yet. We now know thanks to the Coral Springs Police Department that 3 other Sheriff deputies were on seen, and never went in to the school to engage a threat. If one of these 4 deputies or all of them went in to the school you very well would have had fewer students and teachers dead!

As I was writing this article the details keep coming out about this Sheriff, and none of it is looking good. Besides being someone who aspires for gun control. It’s really looking more that Sheriff Israel is even more dangerous than when I first started writing this on Sunday, February 25th. Next I want to talk about how just from his Facebook page ( you can see him buddy buddy with some of the most extreme liberal and at least one self-proclaimed socialist... Bernie Sanders (see the pictures to the right). Openly campaigning for Hillary Clinton the criminal, herself whom should be in jail. This so-called Sheriff is nothing more than a partisan political hack at best. Some of the memes we have seen of him are quite spectacular. I want to be very clear here, and Sheriff Israel isn’t even adept at being a school crossing guard much less a deputy or sadly for the citizens of Broward County their Sheriff!

I had planned to be very poignant here, but I just can’t because the reports that have come out since yesterday have caused me great concern for the state of this country. The scary thing is that the Police Chief of Coral Springs early during this tragedy said something along the lines of “You will see the truth come out”. Then, not one, but three Sheriff Deputies did not go into the school even after the Coral Springs PD entered the school as well a previous unnamed security person with the first deputy. A delay in school video, EMT’s reporting that they were not allowed to retrieve the victims so they could possibly save more of them. Now today we’re hearing stories that there was a “Stand Down” order on the scene of the school. You have got to be kidding me!!! Stand down, why on God’s green earth is there a stand down order at the scene of a school shooting unless there’s an ulterior motive behind it?

Whether Sheriff Israel resigns or not, I hope the people of Broward not only fire him at the next election, but they make sure he never works in any type of leadership position again. Send a clear message Florida, please!

We also must look at all the other details with multiple calls about this Shooter including calls he made himself as warning. When you look at the mantra of the uber liberals of “The ends justify the means”, and yes, we have heard Nancy Pelosi say this to Cass Sunstein own comment of “Never let an emergency go to waste”. Was this a carefully orchestrated “emergency”? Like is the case in the Las Vegas tragedy we’ll never know because we’re left with more questions than there are answers which continue to flame theory after theory. Nonetheless, we’re left with unsuspecting people becoming useful idiots for the cause of Gun Control. Sure, they say they’re not going to confiscate our guns, yet the Dems just introduced a bill to ban over 200 semi-automatic guns. They always seem to get down to the basics of their plan when they slip up. The plan might not be today, but mark my words if we give even a little they will go after every gun we use to protect ourselves if we falter! First, is to ban the sale of all semi-automatic gun, next is confiscation.

Look how quickly they moved off the story in the Church shooting in Texas once they learned that the killer was shot by a NRA trained hero with his very own AR-15 rifle which by the way doesn’t stand for “Automatic Rifle”! The scary details of this day in Broward county is not over yet, and I would almost put money on it. Why haven’t heard any more on Las Vegas, after all this was left open, and never closed?

I had planned an argument of us being left with 2 possible outcomes, but it seems that the latter may be the very issue at hand. 1- Either Sheriff Israel is the most incompetent Sheriff in the world, or 2- this was indeed a “False Flag” of the type that was allowed to happen to further a gun control agenda. One mistake, two mistakes, three mistakes… no much more problems with this whole story. The simple fact that not one Republican nor Democrat have put bills out to make School Security a priority, but only gun control, and the case of the Dems flat out bans on virtually every gun made. They haven’t talked about mental health, or bringing morality back to this country.

Any government that can’t trust their citizens with guns is a government that can not be trusted period! Be very warned if you come for us… the III% will rise and stand... from our COLD DEAD HANDS!!!