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Your NRA Boycott Failed, LOL

Written by: Eric C  —  Published on March 4, 2018

Ironically as a long-time NRA member I can honestly say I never really realized that these companies had a discount for us, and I will venture to say neither did most of you. I knew we had discounts, but I always forget to check up on it. So, to think that your #AntiGunBoycott would work is beyond laughable. The only thing it does is galvanize gun owners to stick it to you because we know how to Boycott as well, but unlike most in the far-left we follow through instead of throwing out empty veiled threats.

My initial thought on these stories coming out about discounts, was that these companies looked at how many NRA members actually used the discount, and figured they wouldn’t lose anything by going along with the hysteria of the far-left. They will find out the hard way, and you would even think that by now businesses and the far-left would have learned with the next few examples.

Example 1: Chick-fil-a: The CEO takes a stand for his convictions when asked in an interview what his thoughts were on Marriage. All he stated was that he holds true to his beliefs in traditional marriage. The ending resulted with the extreme Left flipping out, and calling him a hate monger, and much worse. Christians everywhere rose to the call of a National Chick-fil-a appreciation day, as they break every record ever in a single day. Locations all over the country, literally every single location, had such records broken that lines were waiting in the sun for hours to make sure our opinions were known. Less reported is the fact that the country spoke on how they view marriage as being between a man and woman period! Still today Chick-fil-a hasn’t stopped opening locations, and even in liberal “New Yorkistan”.

Example 2: Target: Target CEO decided to take a stand yet again against normal values, and adopt a mentality that goes against nature itself. They allowed men to go into lady’s dressing/restrooms because they “feel” they are a woman. Again, America spoke up and boycotted, and Target lost over a billion dollars in value to where the CEO had to resign or get fired (I forget because I could care less). They also had to close stores nationwide as a result, and they’re still not doing great. If more people paid attention they would have lost a lot more.

Example 3: NFL: This is the most recent example, and yet these businesses think they’re immune. One multi-millionaire entitled brat who thought he could spark a movement by disrespecting the sacrifice of the 1st Amendment, and because the President decided to say something about it. The rest of the NFL decided they would continue. Let’s be clear I am not saying they don’t have a right to do what they did, because they do. Just like I have a right to turn off the NFL forever as did millions of Patriotic Americans. Our whole point-of-view was and still is… The players and owners make so much money from the American people that they could have used this money on solutions that really would make a difference, and that we ALL could get behind. You can’t expect to get support of the entire country when continue to disrespect this country, and Veterans’ memory who died giving you this First Amendment. The simple point of the matter most of us don’t even care about why you were protesting in the first place, and what’s worse I think we all would have gotten behind! The NFL didn’t learn, and they’re still losing fans daily, although slightly less today.

We don’t cave into the group think liberal cabal that is so wide-spread right now. We don’t cower, we don’t back down, and we will never give up this fight. While you are fighting from your little feelings that get hurt so easily, we are fighting a fight that we won’t give up on ever. We won’t give up because this fight is bigger than us! It’s bigger than this country! We are fighting to leave a legacy for our generations to come! Call us whatever names you want because it doesn’t scare us. Oh, and by the way your “Racist”, “Misogynist” & “Hate” names are played out like a Valley Girl.

Back to these businesses that cowered in fear of the cabal. You made a big mistake that you didn’t see coming. I kind of feel bad for you. Myself and many like me haven’t stepped foot in business once we find out they are #Anti #2A, and we will never go back unless they do an open apology. You have now made yourselves enemies of the #2A, and you will pay with your bottom line of #profit just like the three examples above. These examples show you will either see record sales like never before or you will be cost such a low bottom line that your shareholders will come for you! We didn’t start this fight, but like always we will finish it. If you don’t believe me then let’s look at this next graphic. Your favorable ratings have dropped drastically since took a stand against not just the NRA, but ALL gun-owners. The way this graphic break down is that it is evenly split republican/democrat, but this doesn’t show independently minded free-thinkers who don’t vote for either party. There’s more of us that ascribe to being Patriots over the other side. Even though this is evenly split between the two, it is more telling that your overall rating is down drastically.

The bottom line there’s an estimated 5 Million members of the NRA, but many of these are families with on average is a 4 to 1 increase. However, it’s not just the NRA Members, but all gun owners who are not NRA members, and with an estimated 39% and 50% of US households having at least one gun (that's about 43-55 million households) your loss is only beginning.

You may be able to get us back as customers if your CEO’s fall on their swords, and do a public apology to all gun-owners for your lack of good judgement.

Delta is finding out the hard way now, and he’s not backing down yet; just like the Target CEO, and the NFL Commissioner. When you double down, triple down, etc. against so many who do not change their principles like they change their underwear because we are not the left who jump on the newest fad of political thought. We remain principled and stalwart to our convictions! Remember we’re not all republicans, but many of us are either libertarians, constitutionalists, independents, or no preference at all. When you’re playing a long game never bet against, and never bet on stupid! The left has this obsession of thinking most of us are dumb rednecks… that is betting on stupid! We’re not because we make of every different face of society.

Remember we will never give in to gun-control, and to use kids and business to try to get their way is the grown-up version of “I’m taking ball my and going home”!

Any government that can’t trust their citizens with guns is a government that can’t be trusted! Be very warned if you come for us… the III% will rise and stand... from our COLD DEAD HANDS!!!