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Get Off Your High Horse, We're Done Playing!

Written by: Eric C  —  Published on March 6, 2018

This is an open letter to ALL Politicians (Democrat & Republican), Athletes, Media Personalities, Community Activists & Hollywood Know-it-alls who wish to lecture us on how to live freely. We are tired of your self-absorbed, so-called tolerant ideals while not only bashing everyone who disagrees with your point of you, but instead you launch all out attacks on anyone who dares to buck your system. Sounds a bit like the brown shirt gulags to me.

We will not cower in fear! We will not back down! We will not go quietly into that good night. You think you can intimidate us. You think we lack a backbone like most you, who once facts come and prove your argument is based in lies you block us rather than continue to be enlightened. Most of us have already walked through hell with a 5-gallon gas can in each hand. Some of us have faced an enemy so fierce that you would wet yourself as you crawl into the fetal position. You truly fear the day when the American people have figured out your game, and will no longer play.

Since most of us have been taught right by our parents, or really are gentlemen we refuse to go after you. Well these days are gone. We are coming after your lies with a vengeance. We will not resort to name calling like you, but we will win the argument with true facts!

You do not own the moral high ground. As a matter of fact, most of you don't even have a moral high ground, a moral middle ground, a moral low ground... You don't even have a moral ground period! You wouldn’t even know where to find the moral ground if your life depended on it. You walk around with a for sale sign around your neck for the highest bidder! You change your angst and point of view like you change your underwear. You protest for a minute, and then your off to the next “trendy” argument that your puppet masters tell you is what you should think.

What you don’t realize is that our whole point of view is based in real Patriotism, and not some made up idea of what America means. In your American Cabal only “approved” thought is allowed, only the approved talking points are tolerated while claiming to be champions for tolerance. If it weren’t for your hypocrisy then you wouldn’t be consistent about anything. It’s amazing to me that you cry about others being fascists while you actually are, and the only thing you’re missing is the brown shirts. There are those on both sides that walk around like mindless zombies while those at the top like it this way so nothing will ever changes. They adore the “useful idiots” since these are the ones that blindly vomit out what they’re told while being convinced they are the learned. One side plays every card imaginable, and once we talk about the Second Amendment, voter ID, security, fiscal responsibility then we’re racists, and whatever is the new term while cycling through the old terms as well. While the other side plays to it in fear, and refuses to do anything. This is what has led to the downfall of this society.

We dream of an America where all men & women are created equal. Where regardless of ethnicity, race, religion or creed you can achieve anything you WORK for. We want an America that fosters the ideal that anyone who is willing to work hard will have an even playing field while those who’ve made it will reach back to help empower and mentor those who want to succeed, but haven’t been able to because of plight, economic status, education regardless of where they come from. America was designed to be a country where community meant something; where regardless of thought or background, we found common ground to make great things happen and better for its citizens’. We want an America that MLK spoke of so often... an America our founders envisioned (not the lies that American hating scholars talk about). An America where honest intellectual debate is welcomed, and not shouted down. Yes, an America where the Constitution is obeyed by ALL, and never infringed! “Oh, there it is” some of you are already looking at this and saying something like “this is a trigger”, “this is a dog whistle” or whatever nonsense lie you have to tell yourself. This is why nothing ever gets better because if you have a thought that is not part of the cabal then you are racist!

It is absolutely pathetic and easily seen through… well by free thinking with common sense people. Most of us took MLK’s words to heart where people are judged by the content of their character rather the color of their skin. See we want an America where the ideals of this great country are for EVERYONE, not a select few. This is the larger war that has been being fought since the founding of this great country. The founders firmly believed in God whether you like it or not, and they knew the only thing that would keep this country doing the right thing was if we as a nation held God in highest regard. No not a national religion. This lie of “Separation of Church and State” must end. God was firmly planted in this country from early on, but there was a FREEDOM OF RELIGION for people who come here to worship any way they chose. Today, the only thing that isn’t protected is being a Christian, and we’re actually vilified for it.

We will never back down from our America the great, America the Beautiful, America the refuge for ALL people (yes those that choose to obey our laws), the Second Amendment, secure borders, fiscal responsibility by our government, no more raising the budget ceiling, no more high taxes, our veterans and older folks taken care of and not used for political clout, term limits for ALL senate and congress, and so much more. We are the silent majority who are playing the long game, and will not surrender. So, ALL Politicians (Democrat & Republican), Athletes, Media Personalities, Community Activists & Hollywood Know-it-alls STOP PISSING US OFF!!!

Any government that can’t trust their citizens with guns is a government that can’t be trusted! Be very warned if you come for us… the III% will rise and stand... from our COLD DEAD HANDS!!!